6 Free E-Courses To Kick Start Your Side Business

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Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet even when you have a full-time job. But if cutting down on expenses is not an option, how about starting a side hustle? It’s now easier than ever to start your own business. And while the internet is packed with online courses, here are some the very best  online courses to get you started!

Five-Minute Instagram Growth: The Free Instagram Training Course To Help You Get More Followers

Instagram attracts the most number of people towards a start-up. This course by Craftsposure, an online business school, shares with you the tricks of running a successful Instagram business page. Through five-minute lessons over five days, you will gain insight on how to gain followers, how to take better pictures and how to beat the algorithm to get your photos noticed more.

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Easy And Effective Graphic Design: The Ins And Outs Of Canva

In the era of digital and social media, having great graphic designing skills is a bonus. Instead of shelling out for Photoshop, opt for its free alternative – Canva, on which you can create equally sharp graphics for your website. This course is for non-designers who are eager to put their creativity to work. Educator and designer Lisa Larson-Kelley covers the basic approaches to layout, text and shape, and finally allows you try them by designing an invitation in Canva.

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Create Your Business Website Without Code (With Squarespace)

A website is a basic requirement of any business. This course teaches you how to create your own webpage from scratch along with a demo in real time. In this course you will follow instructor Jared Gold as he works with real clients to create and launch their business website using Squarespace.

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Secret Sauce Of Great Writing

This popular free course taught by former Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja unveils his three secrets of writing – simplicity, clarity and elegance. In the 38-minute video the instructor will guide you how to incorporate the three concepts in business writing, blogging, PR and copywriting. By the end of the course, your writing skills are sure to advance.

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Start-up Marketing For Everyone

Marketing is key for any successful business. The site drops a five-minute lesson in your email inbox for 10 days, teaching you the fundamentals of marketing, communications and PR. Be it setting up a search engine, creating engaging content, interactive social media or free press, this course taught by Jonah Bliss, will help you with everything you need to build awareness about your start-up.

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Shopify Essentials For Web Developers: From Store Setup to Custom Themes

Looking for a quick way to set up and boost an e-commerce business? Create a Shopify page. In this course, senior e-commerce consultant Kurt Elster teaches you how to setup, design, build and customise a Shopify e-commerce store. This course will also guide you on setting up a Shopify theme as per your liking.

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