Word Of Mash: Wedding Trends That Need To Die This Winter

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Winter in Karachi means one thing – shaadi season! Something we wait for all year round. 

Each wedding season, trends come and go. Only some manage to stand the test of time and last multiple seasons, while others are just fads with a limited lifespan. Events with a big, grand stage have ruled the season for some years, while long walkways have only recently come into fashion. Weddings have gone from traditional to avant-garde, with crazy installations and super specific themes in tow.

Meanwhile, on the clothing front, lehenga cholis and kaftans make an appearance every year without fail, and brides with glitter shadow’s and dark lipsticks seem to have become a classic. Nevertheless, there are just some styles we’re sick of seeing! And with everyone jumping on the bandwagon of popular trends; regardless of whether they’re flattering or not, weddings end up looking monotonous. 

So we want to hear from you! What wedding trends are you over this season? What’s been absolutely done to death? Is there a particular colour, cut or style of clothing, a makeup trend, a type of dance floor or just a particular event you’re tired of attending all together? Tell us what you’re officially done with seeing this wedding season in the comments below!

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