5 Best Proposal Ideas, Courtesy You

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Your marriage proposal will forever remain one of the fondest moments of your life! So we decided to put together a list of ideas that will help you pop-the-question creatively (special thanks to Mashion readers for sending in these suggestions)! Here are 5 of the best marriage proposal ideas we got. Scroll through!

1. Use Hot Air

Hot air balloon tours are available almost everywhere in today’s world. Once you’re in the air, you’ll be amazed at two things; the uninterrupted views all around, and the absolute silence. A quiet word with the pilot beforehand will ensure his discretion.

“Hot air balloon ride” – @roshnirides

“Proposal on a hot air balloon” – @_thefashioneater

2. The sunny beach proposal

Go to the beach, build a sand castle together then take a relaxing walk. With your toes in the sand and scenic views all around, make a surprise move. Pull out a ring and pour out your heart!

“Should be on beach or at a rooftop” – @kainatkanjiani

“If I wanted…I’d like my partner to take me to the beach and ask me while sitting on a car bonnet” – @khizra.abid

“On a full moon night at the beach” – @hu.zy.fa

“Beachfront and a gulaab ki pattiyon ka red carpet” – @iareeshajaved

3. A deep dive into love

This one requires you to go undersea, and during a simple dive get the ring out of your pocket. Isn’t it a unique way to ask a woman in marriage, and a worthwhile one nonetheless? It might require a lot of preparation and planning but this memory will stay with you and your better half till infinity. Make sure you have an underwater camera to capture the best moments ever.

“Scuba diving would be great” – @lifeofablogger

4. A walk down the memory lane

Taking a trip down memory lane with the help of a scavenger hunt is never a bad idea, it’ll bring back the purest flashbacks and make you both teary eyed. Right after, bend down on your knee!

“A scavenger hunt that walks down the memory lane!” – @roshnirides

5. Skydiving

With the whole world beneath you, this proposal is one she won’t forget. Prepare the question largely printed on the drop off location so she sees it the second you arrive. Tip: Even better, print a large banner so she can see it while you two are in the air together.

“Skydiving” – @duaa_adnan393

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