6 Bad Work Habits You Should Get Rid Of Right Now

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We all have a love-hate relationship with our jobs — can’t do with them, but unfortunately can’t do without them either. As if your highly demanding boss and nerve-wracking deadlines weren’t enough to make every day at work dreadful, your own habits are the cherry on top. Your attitude could make work so much more bearable! From whining about the workload to wasting time gossiping about your co-workers, we’re all guilty of one of these self-destructive habits. Scroll through them and find out which one you need to get rid of first!

1. Constant Complaining

Complaining about your work load, workplace, or colleagues can be understandable, but constantly whining about it won’t help anyone. In fact, it only makes things worse. Not only will it keep you in a bad mood all day, but your colleagues will start finding your company too negative. Instead, accept reality and find ways to make it more bearable. If it’s related to work stress, talk to your boss about it. If it’s the work environment that you find too suffocating, try making it more fun.

2. Procrastinating

This one’s a no brainer. Procrastinating at work is a tale as old as time. But no habit is too old to let go of though! Believe it or not, the majority of your work problems are the result of you procrastinating. A great way to curb this habit is to make your next due task your first priority, and set a goal to achieve within a specific time frame. Looking for more ways to avoid procrastinating at work? Click here.

3. Avoiding Work Events

After an exhausting day at work the only thing one longs to do is to get into their cosy bed and binge watch Netflix. Your need to avoid interacting with the same people from your office after work is totally justified. But being absent at every work event can have a huge impact on your work life. You may miss out on some great network building opportunities!

4. Overthinking Your Mistakes

The idea you thought everyone would love turned out to be an unimpressive one? Made a mistake? It’s not the end of the world. Accept your faults, take responsibility, and move on. Overthinking about it will only make you more anxious and obstruct your creativity and thinking.

5. Indulging In Gossip

The worst of co-worker is the one you can’t trust! Nothing disturbs a healthy work environment like useless gossip. Not only will it create a bad image of you among your co-workers but it will also heavily affect your work. Indulging in gossip means you’ll hardly ever be able to concentrate on your actual assignments.

6. Skipping Meals And Breaks

Meal breaks aren’t a luxury at work, but a necessity. You won’t be getting a bonus for finishing your work earlier by skipping your much needed lunch breaks. This way you’re only making things tougher for yourself, as well as your co-workers. Unless you’re on a tight deadline or in the midst of some serious crisis, always take out some time from your busy schedule and make the most of it. You’ll have more energy throughout the day too.

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