Word Of Mash: Ways To Revive The Spark In Your Relationship

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Whether you’re a blind believer of soul mates and happily ever afters, or a pessimist when it comes to true love, there a few universal truths when it comes to finding the one. The mix ins that make the magic bubble are simple: fleeting glances and butterflies, a slow burn romance, some long calls on the phone, and a few special dates to get to know each other. The spark is well and electric during the early days when everything is new, and getting to know each others likes and dislikes, hobbies and quirks, is still exciting. Life tends to bog down the healthiest relationship though. Whether your marriage was arranged or love, the everyday hurdles and monotony of married life are challenging to say the least. Date nights and surprise gifts turn into quiet home cooked meals in front of the television. Dressing up for each other? A far off fantasy. Add kids into the mix, and the magic quickly turns sour. Their needs come first, and yours are always somewhere at the bottom of the list. It’s just the way things go.

But do they really need to? Marriage is the foundation of any family, and if your relationship with your significant other suffers, so does everyone else. It’s important to remember to value and support each other, but most of all, enjoy each other. We want to ask you, our experts, for some relationship advice. Have you ever found yourself stuck in a slump with your partner? How did you overcome it? Is the secret more compliments, trips together, or spontaneous dinners? As always, we want to hear your experiences and advice. Sound off in the comments below!

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