5 Ways Menstruating Women Can Keep Their Ramadan Spirits High

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Being on your periods is never a pleasant feeling. The unbearable cramps and uncontrollable mood swings are the constant companions of the period that visit us every month. However, having periods in Ramadan is even worse, because this time it also brings with it a lot of guilt. Let’s be honest, although we know that menstruation is a natural process and we won’t be punished for missing out on prayers and fasts during it, deep down we feel bad for not being able to perform our religious obligations. The five or seven days of menstruation may make one feel disconnected, But it shouldn’t be like this. While menstruating women are ordered to refrain from the ritual prayer and fasting, there are many other ways they can worship. Here are some ways you can keep yourself spiritually on track even while menstruating during Ramadan.

1. Listen To The Holy Quran

While you’re unable to read the Quran, you can still listen to its soothing verses and elevate your spiritual energy. It’s also a great way to carefully hear the words and sayings of the Almighty and ponder over their deep meanings. Even listening to the holy words of the Quran in a melodic tone can calm your heart and make you feel content.

2. Make Dua

The best way to strengthen your connection with your creator is through His remembrance. Not offering prayers during menstruation doesn’t mean one cannot make dua at all. You don’t specifically have to sit on a prayer mat to get your prayers answered. In fact, when you can’t perform any other obligations, make the most of your free time and make as much dua as you can. Just talking to your Lord in an intimate way can relieve your worst pains.

3. Give Charity

In the Quran and Hadith both, it has again and again been mentioned to provide help and be generous towards other human beings, especially those less privileged than you. While one should give as much charity as they can throughout the year, Ramadan is the best time to help those in need. If you feel a bit disconnected during your periods, a great way to stay on track is by helping the needy.

4. Feed Fasting People

Fasting may not be permissible for a menstruating woman but she can earn the reward by feeding other fasting people. Providing food for people who are fasting and especially those who cannot afford to break the fast is also an act of worship. You can offer to provide and cook food for your family, relatives and friends or send iftar to a nearby mosque or an orphanage.

5. Visit The Sick

It is a Sunnah to visit a sick person. Islam greatly rewards people who visit and help sick people. If a relative or friend is unwell make sure you take time out to meet them. You can also visit a hospital in the holy month to uplift the spirits of those who aren’t as fortunate as you.

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