5 Cocktail Rings That Are Also Great Conversation Starters

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Cocktail rings are not only the perfect accessories to wear on a fun night out, but the added bonus of them is that when the ring is unique and quirky, it can also make for a great conversation starter. So mingle with style and confidence at your next evening soiree, and don’t worry, we did all the homework for you. Browse through the coolest cocktail rings to wear to your next evening out!

Safe But Statement

Esfir Jewel’s hand-cut black stone capsuled around an intricate gold frame is definitely a head turner. The plus point: black goes with everything!

Wing It

This Outhouse Jewellery ring is made with Swarovski crystals and Keshi pearls. What we love about this piece in particular is that it’ll easily go with both a Western or Eastern outfit.

A Sting So Sweet

How cool is this sea green detailed ring by Rema. If this ring won’t catch the attention of every fashion-girl in the room, we don’t know what will!

She Sells Seashells

Seashell jewellery is the it-trend for the summer. The best part is that this trend is pretty simple, and so it’s appropriate for almost every girl. If you’re ready to take a dip, start with this minimalistic seashell ring by Mango.

Black Beauty

This gothic ring by Fanas is an absolute eye catcher. If you’re a rock and roll kind of girl, then this ring was made for you. The intricate gold detailing adds just the right amount of femininity and the Swarovski stones gives it a classic touch.

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