The Ultimate Guide to Surviving University

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It’s that time of year – schools and universities are back in full swing! Anyone who’s already in, about to begin or is planning to go to university knows that with all the fun comes a lot of stress and anxiety as well. Settling into a new environment, making friends all over again, remembering to eat and sleep well, all while juggling the actual responsibilities of different classes. Just the sound of all this is overwhelming us. There’s no denying the inevitable, but there are ways you can handle those situations with a little more confidence. Read on for a few tips that will help you ease into your university experience!

1. Have A Set Routine

Having a set routine means you should know when to stop binge watching that Netflix show and shut your laptop. A set routine will also help you organize your tasks and get better at doing things you may be new to. You may be new at making yourself breakfast, but over time you’ll be able to make delicious things you actually like to eat. But don’t be a complete stickler for routine either as it’ll close you off to cool, new experiences. Use it as a guideline instead of a timetable. Just don’t compromise on your sleep schedule; 6-8 hours of sleep is an ESSENTIAL if you want to be productive.

2. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

Don’t burden yourself with the expectation that’ll you master everything immediately. Things take time and not getting something on the first try doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re in university – this is the time to have some and make mistakes! It’s these mistakes that will give you the experience you need to learn!

3. Get A Planner!

Sometimes an entire day is just not enough to complete all your chores andmake time to study. So, get a planner and write down the day’s to-do list the night before so you’re ready to dive into your day as soon as you wake up.

Pro tip:Set a specific date and time for your personal chores, such as laundry and grocery, preferably on a weekend before 12 pm. That way you have the rest of the day to study or hang out with friends.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

You might often see Snapchat stories of your friends having a ball in college. And then you may wonder why you’re not out doing crazy things or why haven’t you made friends as yet! Trust me when I say that you will settle down as well. And social media can be very deceiving. Nobody showcases their mundane, every day life on Instagram; just the fun stuff. So don’t believe everything you see and don’t compare yourself to others. You may be on Chapter 1 of your life and they may be on Chapter 10 of theirs!

5. Be Honest With Your Roommates

When you’re in a new place, you want to make the best first impression on others. You want to be nice and liked by everyone around you, especially your roommates. But you still want to be able to tell them off if they’re disturbing your space or not doing their part in cleaning your shared space. If you think someone is always throwing negativity at you, walk away from that toxic person. Stick to the few people who inspire you and encourage you to be yourself.

6. Budget!

This is absolutely crucial when you’re starting university! If you learn to budget well from the very beginning, that skill will continue to be your saving grace for the next three or four years you have in school and even afterwards! Use apps such as Mint or Pocketguard to ensure your bank balance isn’t stressing you out. And even if it does happen once in a while, it’s okay! Remember – this is your time to have fun, make mistakes and learn from them. Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

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