7 Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Feeling Cool

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As much as we love spending our afternoons at the pool and lounging by the beach, we dread the heat that often comes with it. That’s why it’s important for your space to be the perfect escape from the heat! To do that, it needs to be designed in a way that keeps the room cool. A minimalistic design is not just a great aesthetic; it’ll allow your statement furniture pieces to stand out and give the illusion of a bigger room. But there are a lot more technicalities to consider. So here are a few tips to follow to ensure your room stays cool!

1. Keep The Floors Simple

Stick to either wood or marble. If you get a carpet that covers your entire floor, your room’s temperature will increase significantly as the carpet will trap all the heat. Marble, on the other hand, conducts heat differently and doesn’t allow heat to be transferred to your body. Other alternatives are ceramic tiles or concrete; they’re eco-friendly and keep the room cool as well!

2. Stick To Pastels

As much as you may love bright colours, keeping the colours in your room muted will help the room stay cool. Stay within pastels or shades of white – lighter colours reflect heat faster whereas darker colours will absorb the heat, trapping it. Such colours will also help maintain a relaxed and zen ambiance. And the good thing about such colours, especially white, is they always look elegant and you can add pops of colour through décor!

3. Let The Light In

It may sound odd to let natural light come in when it’s so hot outside, but this can be a huge game changer. Having high-ceiling and big windows will let a lot of natural light come in and if your room is painted a light colour, this will make a huge difference. Opt for blinds and curtains in light fabrics and colours to keep the cool effect going.

4. Use Breathable Fabrics

This same logic applies to all fabrics you use in your room. Having linen or cotton sheets will not only keep your body temperature cool while sleeping, it’ll also keep your room cool and comfy. Microfibre sheets are also durable and more breathable than cotton. They’re also super soft and cozy and just one more reason why you’ll never want to leave your bed!

5. Save Electricity Where You Can

Even though ceiling fans are considered ancient, they can add a cool vibe to your room and are super functional when it comes to saving the electricity bill on air conditioners. Once the AC has cooled your room sufficiently, switch to the fan and it’ll keep the cool air circulating. Hanging energy-efficient light bulbs from the ceiling can also make your place look visually appealing as well as save space from bulky lamps.

6. Let Nature Help

There are so many ways to decorate a room that don’t take up much space and keep the room’s vibe on point – like plants! They’ll add a cool bohemian, natural vibe to your room and keep it cool by absorbing the heat. And it’s absolutely safe to have real plants in your bedroom, even at night! As long as you’re not surrounded by a jungle, you’ll be fine. In fact, plants can have a lot of benefits such as better sleep, improvement in heart rates, better attitude etc.

7. Decor To Keep You Cool

If you’re into trendy décor then stone sculptures are the perfect fit for your room. Stone is a great thermal conductor and will therefore absorb most of the heat in your bedroom. A marble sculpture or something made of gemstones will add an interesting look to your room and make for an interesting conversation piece. As for adding colour to the bedroom, you can always add vibrant paintings, posters or even vintage magazine covers as it adds an artistic vibe to your room and will definitely stand out on your white walls. After all, aesthetic is everything!

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