6 Signs You Need More Self Love In Your Life

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The more hectic life gets, the more we forget to take care of ourselves. Nowadays, the significance of self love has been forgotten and because of it, emotional health is impacted. The first step to contentment is taking care of yourself. If you’re guilty of doing any of the things below, you need more self care in your life!

1. You Search For Happiness In Others

How often do you rely on others to make you feel better? Does your state of mind or mood fluctuate based on how others treat you? Being affectionate and loving towards others is integral, but don’t forget that to truly feel happy, you need to be happy within yourself and by yourself.

2. You Compare Yourself To Others

With social media, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of comparison. But it’s important to remember that everything is a lot glossier on social media. Everyone’s journey is different and unique. Just because someone else is on chapter 10 of their life, doesn’t mean you have to be – you’ll get there when you’re supposed to.

3. You Do Not Spend Time With Yourself

If you don’t take yourself out on dates, take time out to do that this weekend. Wear an outfit you love, eat at a fancy restaurant and go for a movie! Or have a cozy night in if that’s your preferred version of me time. Just remember, you need and deserve time and attention. You are your longest commitment and you should not forget that.

4. You Haven’t Left Your Past Behind

Everyone has a past, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’ve all had moments that we would rather not relive, but you shouldn’t let those moments define you. If you’re living in the past, you can’t fully appreciate or feel the present moment. Even a good moment might not feel that great if you’re comparing it to a time you felt happier. Living in the current moment will make you feel more content than you realise!

5. You Worry Too Much About The Future

It’s great to be ambitious and hardworking, but constantly stressing about achieving those aspirations isn’t going to do you any good. If you’re putting in the effort, good things will happen. Believe in that and don’t spend time you could be working towards your goals, worrying about the future. Also, remember to take a break! You need to recharge in order to perform your best.

6. Your Physical And Emotional Diet Is Poor

A fast food meal once in a while can be extremely satisfying, but making it a part of your routine will leave you feeling lethargic and low. Similarly, if you keep feeding yourself negative thoughts, they will impact your mental health and result in you perceiving things in that manner.

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