The Importance Of Copyrights For Creatives

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In today’s fast paced world, most creative work is publicised on social media sites. Platforms like Instagram have created a broad range of communities for anyone who wishes to post through their app, particularly the creatives. Poets, musicians and artists use this opportunity to put their work out there – to get noticed without having to go through bigger publishing agencies. This however, comes with its own set of complications. It is very easy to copy or get heavily influenced by somebody else’s work when it is open to an interconnected, public sphere. People can stumble upon artwork made across the globe, and then slightly tweak it to make it their own; and eventually take complete credit for it. A lot of times, things like these unfortunately go unnoticed. However, other times, creations get snatched quite blatantly. It is very important to understand your rights as a creator. Hard work goes into almost anything you produce, so you should have full ownership over what you create. This can get shattered when your rights get violated. Here’s why copyrights are very important:

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What Is A Copyright?

“The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material”. In other words, it protects and allows for full ownership of your original work.

When Can You Get Something Copyrighted?

You can obtain rights to your work the moment it is on a tangible medium, whether it is a digital design on adobe, or a full fledged design on paper.

What Is The Line Between Plagiarism And Influence?

Any work that is exactly the same as something that has been copyrighted, is plagiarism. Drawing inspiration and reproducing something is slightly trickier. However, if it is reproduced in a way where there is a clear difference, it can be considered as an influence or adaptation of the original work. It is very important to communicate with the original creator and give them credit to avoid any complications and violations.

How Does One Obtain A Copyright?

You have to register! Create accounts on systems like the eCO Online System. There may be a fee, but it is definitely worth it.

Why Is it Important To Have A Copyright?

Your work is a very important asset, and it is important for you to value it under any cost. You need to protect your rights so that in the case of any violation or infringement, you are compensated for any loss that may have occurred.

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Your work is very valuable, and you should not take it lightly. Many creatives find themselves in positions where their work gets plagiarised and profited of off and they are given no credit. It is very important to know where you stand on the legal system, and be very cautious – you never know who might be stealing your sunshine.

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