Long Distance Relationships – The Pros

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Long-distance relationships – the age-old phenomenon that people struggle with. It means distance, difference in time-zones, and a lot more use of your phone. But do LDR’s really do nothing for your relationship? Scroll down to read 4 ways your relationship might be better for it (that being said – we hope you’re reunited with your s.o soon!)

You Don’t Solely Rely On Physical Proximity

Being in the same geographical location can sometimes allow you to get too comfortable with someone. It’s easy to use their physical presence as a crutch and to either not notice, or ignore, the emotional connection between the two of you. In a long distance relationship however, conversations are all you have. This can improve your communication with each other, as well as allow you to focus on what truly matters – each other.

You Don’t Confuse Lust With Love

As we already established, long distance relationships aren’t easy and are definitely a commitment. But it also means that you have to actually like each other to make it work, instead of being with someone for short-term gratification. If you’re in a new relationship, it’s easy to think physical attraction is something more. But with long distance, that’s taken out of the equation.

You Appreciate The Time You Do Spend Together

We all tend to take the good things in life for granted, but when you are away from someone you care about, you’re able to miss their presence in your life. It allows you to cherish and value the time that the two of you do eventually spend physically together. Things that otherwise might seem mundane, are more meaningful because of it.

You Get To Experience Two Different Worlds

When you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone who is in a different country, your experiences vary greatly due to the difference in culture and surroundings. However, instead of this being a con, we think it actually could be a pro! You get to experience two different worlds and learn intimate details about a place that might not necessarily be home for you – not only is your partner growing from their experiences but so are you!

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