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Almost every girl has struggled with some kind of hair issue, but whether one desires to grow long hair or have beautiful looking, healthier hair, Sunsilk has always been there to provide a solution. This time is no different; Sunsilk has once again come up with an innovative campaign to convey their brand message, with their shampoo – Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth – as the star of the show. Keep reading to find out more about the shampoo, as well as the message behind Sunsilk’s latest campaign:

Breaking Stereotypes 

Their newest campaign features Amtul Baweja, aka Sarah, and takes a humorous approach to a very common desire most girls have – of having long, luscious hair. Like all girls, Sarah too is concerned ‘ke baal lambe kyun nahi ho rahe?’. Her mother decides that this is a grave situation and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Thus, she calls a meeting that includes the dadi, the khala, a confused cousin and a supportive friend. While there were several desi totkas suggested, Sarah’s cousin argued that she shouldn’t be forced to try them if she doesn’t want to, and her friend came to her rescue by suggesting Sunsilk’s Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo. Both girls had Sarah’s back and proved that there is no bond stronger than sisterhood! 

Every Girl Can Relate To Sarah

While not every girl would be in a situation as dramatic as Sarah, most of us have experienced some aspect of it – a worrying mother who is concerned about her daughter’s hair, the influx of desi totkas suggested by family members, equating hair growth to rishtas, and a supportive best friend who gives the best advice. If we’re lucky, some of us might even have a dadi as cool as Sarah who rescues us from every difficult situation! 

Long Hair Is Always Desirable 

Long hair has never gone out of fashion; old or young, everyone admires long, healthy hair and most of us have at some point wanted to attain that look. If you’re currently trying to grow your hair, try out Sunsilk’s Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo – it worked wonders for Sarah and we’re sure it will for you too!

Watch the amazing content piece by Sunsilk below:

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