15 Green Flags In A Relationship

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It’s very common for us to constantly hear about “red flags” and “watch out for this” or “that’s a deal breaker”. But how often do we ever really talk about the good stuff? We have become persistently on edge, trying to run through a whole list of negative characteristics when we’re with our partner, that we tend to miss out on all the positives. So if you’re in a relationship or are looking to get into one, we’ve rounded up fifteen green flags you should look out for!

1. No awkward silence – You feel completely comfortable with this person. Sitting with them in silence is just as easy as being able to have an open conversation.

2. Open communication – Communication is key in a successful relationship. Especially one that flows both ways and feels easy. Whether the conversation is positive or negative, there should be no fear of consequences or being judged. 

3. You feel respected – Respect is another major component for a healthy and happy relationship. Whether you’re still getting to know each other or have been in a relationship for a while, respect is something that should remain consistent. You should never feel pressured into anything – physically or emotionally – and all boundaries should be respected on both sides. 

4. It’s easy to be yourself – Choosing to be in a relationship with someone should never feel like work. Finding someone who compliments you and allows you to be yourself in every way is exactly what you’re looking for. You should never feel burdened to put on an act, and neither should they.

5. It’s easy to make compromises – More often than not, relationships will come with a certain level of compromise. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your significant other, but this should never feel forced. Of course, you shouldn’t be the only one making these sacrifices nor should you be giving up everything. Aligning your priorities together and coming to mutual decisions together is important. 

6. You tend to be happier when you’re around them –  You enjoy spending time with this person, and the feeling is mutual. You find yourself thinking about them when you’re apart and are often found smiling when thinking of them. 

7. You like who and how you are when you’re with them – If you’re constantly edgy or in a bad mood when you’re around them, that’s pretty much a red flag. You want your partner to bring out the best in you along with more positive rather than negative traits.

8. Arguments are healthy, not toxic – You can’t always agree on everything. Disagreements are inevitable but this doesn’t mean the relationship is coming to an end.  You should never feel obliged to constantly agree with someone, or feel nervous of the reaction that follows if you disagree. Healthy arguments and coming to a conclusion together can even build your relationship.

9. You feel supported – You know this person will always have your back and support you through all your ups and downs. Whatever personal journey you are going through – big or small – your partner should encourage this growth and remain a positive support system. 

10. They take interest in your life – A relationship should never feel one-sided. You should be equally interested in each other’s lives, whether that’s getting to know each other’s friends and family or discussing your likes and dislikes, there should be a shared balance of information. 

11. They show interest in things you like to do – It’s not guaranteed that you and your partner will have all the same likes and interests. But it’s important to be able to try those things out or continue to enjoy those interests both with or without your partner. Either way, you should feel a level of respect when it comes to each other’s interests, and it’s okay to spend time apart sometime. 

12. You can laugh with each other – You know the saying laughter is the best medicine, well it’s true! Laughter is known to be a very positive emotion that brings people together. Finding someone who makes you laugh and vice versa is a strong building block for any relationship.

13. Feel comfortable with your emotions – Whether positive or negative, relationships should be a safe space for you to express your emotions and talk about them. Your partner should be able to share and support you through all these emotions rather than feel undermined.

14. Can take responsibility for their actions – It is important for both parties to take responsibility for their words and actions when in the wrong. Immediately putting blame on the other person when it isn’t their fault or brushing the issue under the rug can all lead to more problems. Taking accountability for your actions and accepting them is definitely a green flag. 

15. Criticism can be taken and given – When giving constructive criticism, taking it in a positive way is a good sign. Becoming defensive or angry is something that should be avoided, both partners should feel comfortable enough to give and take advice. 

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