Pasha Fabrics – A Labour Of Love

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Pasha Fabrics is nothing short of a labour of love which stands upon the shoulders of Khawaja Amanullah and his four sons, scions of an old Kashmiri family. It was their passion and expertise which brought forth Shajarpak in 1983, a multi-faceted enterprise dealing with the import and manufacture of textiles, and which in turn birthed Pasha Fabrics in 1991. From the very onset, Pasha was envisioned upon the ideals of weaving luxury fabrics that surpass the highest quality internationally by using the latest innovations and artistic explorations. To this day Pasha strives to bring forth the very best of craftsmanship and art, in the world of luxury fabrics.

It is this very ambition of Pasha which speaks of an innate yearning of man to conquer, to surpass himself and the world around him and to fashion it into something far greater. The journey of the Pasha Cashmere Shawl has been such a quest for discovery and excellence.

Cashmere is a naturally occurring fibre obtained from the majestic Pashmina goats found in Tibetan highlands and Inner Mongolia. An epitome of the unadulterated wild, the goat is known for its fine wool which keeps it warm during the harsh winters in the mountains. The cashmere fibre is collected from the undercoat of the animal, hidden beneath the coarser hair. Such is the quality of this nature’s bounty that the yarn spun from the wool far surpasses any naturally occurring fibre, while its exquisite quality, length and flexibility make it ideal for dense spinning and weaving intricate artistry. Also famed for its natural stretch, resilience and long life, the fabric thus obtained is known to last a lifetime, if not more.

It is also worth remembering that the history of the cashmere shawl is intrinsically interwoven with that of Pakistan. It even borrows its name from the majestic valleys of Kashmir, which were famed for weaving the finest cashmere shawls world over. By late eighteenth century, cashmere shawls had found their way to the far reaches of the world. The shawls thus produced were the essential garment to show pedigree, refined tastes and class. There is no doubt then, that cashmere is not merely a relic of times gone by, but transcends to bring warmth for even those yet to come. Often regarded as heirlooms, cashmere shawls remain prized family possessions passed down from one generation to the next. 

It is the passing of this joyous garment from one generation to the next which binds a family together across ages, unforeseen trials and celebrations of utmost joy. It reminds us of the wisdoms and guidance of our loved ones, and that we are not alone. Like mountains who stood in the paths of storms, to shield us and not let any calamity claim us. Indeed, it is their strength that courses through our veins and whose words ring still in our ears. It is these values, together with an appreciation of art and culture, which have been paramount in envisioning the Pasha Cashmere Shawl. Made with 100% pure cashmere, it radiates with the most luxurious sensory experience. It is also worth noting that the shawl has not only been enriched with eastern sensibilities and heritage, but also complimented with contemporary design aesthetics to create a product unlike any before.

The launch of the Pasha Cashmere Shawl was an equally star-studded affair. The event was made all the more memorable with the presence of Syed Babar Ali, Salima Hashmi, Aisha Khalid, Nilofer Shahid, Ali Kazim, R.M. Naeem, Taimoor Khan Mumtaz and Mehvash Amin.

A source of inspiration and motivation for the creative industries, the indomitable Syed Babar Ali remains a beacon of light for those who seek to excel and reach for bigger horizons. A patron of arts, a humanitarian and businessman, Syed Babar Ali has been a steering force for corporations and art institutions alike. 

Salima Hashmi also took the time to share some valuable insights regarding the relationship of the art world with the artisan, craft and contemporary design. Walking in the footsteps of her father, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Salima Hashmi continues to support the world of art by her unwavering support, as is evident by the generations upon generations of artists and designers who have found refuge beneath her wings.

The endorsement of such accomplished individuals reassures us that Pasha has been able to redefine the world of luxury fabrics in Pakistan and world over.

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