6 Things We Learnt From Voiceover Artist Isnain Khan

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Do you have a great voice but do not wish to perform in front of large crowds? Well, there is an untapped industry in Pakistan waiting for you. The voice behind most Pakistani advertisements and voiceover performer, Isnain Khan guides us through the unique world of voice acting.

1. What exactly is voice acting?

Isnain Khan describes it as: a spoken form of performing arts. It’s the ability to play with your vocal creativity.” Since your appearance is out of sight, all the focus lies on your voice and the control you have over it.


2. Is it a reliable career option?

Before blindly leaping into uncharted territory, it is wise to consider the pros and cons of pursuing voice acting as a career. As is the case with most careers in the arts, there is always risk but more often than not, the reward outweighs the risk. Isnain advises: “as long as you are gifted and you work hard, I think you can make a career out of anything. Staypassionate, work hard, and be kind.”

3. What are the different genres in voice acting?

There are many variations within the field, from singing to narrations. “It’s a very multi-layered profession. So, you have commercials, you have radio, you have documentary narrations, and you have animated movies, says Isnain.

If this is a career you’re considering, it is best to explore and decide where your niche lies. Trial and error is the best method to learn and progress since there is no right or wrong way of doing things. In Isnain’s experience, her favouritegenre has been singing for commercials and documentary narration.


4. Where and how can I apply to be a voiceover artist?

We are fortunate enough to live in a time where we have a myriad of opportunities just a click away. If you’re looking for a career in voice acting, make the most of free apps available where you can record yourself, practice, and learn from your mistakes. Furthermore, through social media apps we have the opportunity to create online platforms to promote yourself too.

5. What daily habits help you take care of your voice?

When it comes to being a voiceover artist, your natural talent must be polished to reach its maximum potential. This can mean a change in lifestyle as well as hours of practice. Additionally, you might have to say goodbye to some of your favourite foods and activities in order to truly commit to the craft. Isnain advises, “because everything that you are doing is from your larynx, your voice box, you have to protect it. No ice creams, no cold drinks, and a very healthy approach to life. A few other tips – read as much as you can and read loudly. Also pay attention to audio that attracts you – whether it is an ad, a song, a documentary, or radio. Listen to it and repeat.”

6. Do you need any specific qualifications for this profession?

Certain careers require certifications and academic prowess in order to succeed. According to Isnain, this is not the case for voice acting, who insists that passion and hard work come first. But here are some tips and tricks of the trade that have helped her be a successful young voiceover artist:

1. Practice singing, it’ll help you naturally be in control of your voice.

2. Start early. I started as a 7-year-old, and my experience has only made me better.

3. Hard work and passion go a long way.

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