Upgrade Your Dorm Rooms With 6 Bedsheet Sets by Ideas Home

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Leaving for university is always a daunting affair: it’s a new place, with new people, and the homesickness can get very real. Our recommendation? Your dorm room is your safe space, and it should feel every bit as comfortable as your room at home. The easiest, and most low effort way to do this is by investing in soft, cosy bed sheets that elevate the look and feel of your surroundings. Whether it’s sheets with a pop of colour to make your day a little brighter, or luxe white sheets that remind you of a hotel, we’ve got a list of recommendations that’re perfect for every kind of student. Ideas Home has a large range of sheets for you to choose from, keep reading to explore!

Luxury T200 Dyed

Their range of 100% cotton solid dyed sheets come in a number of different colours. The breathable fabric allows you to have a comfortable nights sleep even in this scorching heat, when the last thing you want to do is keep tossing and turning during the night before your 9:00 am class.

Everyday Classic Sheet Sets

These vibrantly designed sheets can bring a lot of depth to your room, just on their own. But you could also mix and match according to your preference and pair them with Ideas’ solid dyed sheets as well. You can aesthetically match your room with your bed for those clean and pleasing vibes. 

Luxury Stripe Satin Dyed Sheet Set

However, if printed designs are just not your thing, the Luxury Stripe Satin Dyed Sheet Sets are just for you. A simple and elegant touch to the bed set creates a clean aesthetic to your room. The satin finish feels light to the touch and builds a comfortable environment to unwind in. 

Fitted Sheet Sets

A lot of people assume that these are just going to be like any other average sheets, however these ones have a slight touch to them that the others don’t. These are WATER REPELLENT! This lets you have a sense of security with not stressing out as soon as something accidentally spills on your bed. Especially for you students out there, who might not have extra fresh sheets, these will be perfect to take with you to university. Even if you don’t have AC’s in your room, these skin friendly sheets will have a cooling effect on you regardless.

Sheets On A Budget

The one everyone was waiting for! These are the easiest no fuss sheets for a busy college student. This collection offers bed sets that actually don’t even need to be ironed! Easy, right? Apart from this, the bed sets are specifically made to be affordable but of fantastic quality that makes them last you a long time. Their wrinkle resistance factor makes sure you save loads of time from constantly having to fix your bed even after sitting on it just once.

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