A soon-to-be groom often gears up for his big day in the shadow of his bride – while she is showered with gifts and overcome with bridal appointments, it’s always the groom that’s relegated to the back burner. Men need pampering too, especially before one of the most important days of their life – and it’s the job of families, groomsmen, and even fiancés to provide a little bit of luxury for their main man. We’ve curated twelve presents that strike a balance between practicality and heartfelt sentiment. This isn’t about fancy ceremonies or extravagant gifts: it’s about smoothing the journey from single to spouse. Take a peek at our guide to groom-friendly gifts and pick someone in your life to treat. 

Padel Tennis Activity

Utility and style go hand in hand with this guide – from activities at the spa or the tennis court that the entire grooms’ party can partake in, to mini speakers and bathrobes that can be used while getting ready for events: these gifts keep every kind of groom in mind! Which gift will you get for the groom in your life? 

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