The Best Wedding Gifts For The Newly-Weds In Your Life

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Let’s be honest: weddings can be utter chaos. Family and friends arrive in hordes, there are constant errands and events to attend (or host), a ton of errands to attend to, and the commotion only comes to an abrupt halt once the happy couple is off to kickstart their new life. While their lives fill up with the promise of a new beginning, the guests are left with the perennial question: what do we gift them?

Instead of bulky decor pieces, kitchen appliances they may already have, or tea-sets, we advise something altogether different. It’s a simple luxury, and yet it’s still a luxury. Bedding! Gloriously comfortable, high thread count sheets and pillows are the perfect gift for a new couple. And not just bedding – high quality towels and pillows do the job as well. You’ll be facilitating the much needed rest the couple needs, and also be giving them a high quality gift which will last them forever. Combine functionality with style all in one. We’ve broken down bedding, pillows, and towel sets that will have the couple in your life thanking you constantly.

Weddings are exhausting affairs. When we gift a couple bedding or towels, it’s not just for their new home – it’s a thoughtful gesture, which allows them to have the deep rest that they deserve. Idea’s simple living provides earth tones and neutrals, subtle embroidery, and pastels which would make anyone happy. Which one would you pick? Happy shopping!

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