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A word to the wise – keeping a stash of beautiful candles on hand can save you a lot of grief. If you’re ever unsure about what gift to give, candles are a perfect go-to. From unexpected visitors, to promotions, an almost-forgotten birthday, or a housewarming party, there’s no worse feeling than showing up empty handed for a loved one or acquaintance. Unlike a gift card or voucher, a candle can feel more thoughtful and personal, and no one has to know that you’ve had that lovely hand-poured motia candle stored away just for such occasions.

As you explore this list of top candle gifts, you’re sure to find some that remind you of specific friends or family members. It’s always wise to stock up on a few extra candle sets or limited edition scents (in our humble opinion), so you’re always prepared! 

While these suggestions are full of specific characters in mind, we also suggest opting for a gift-set from any of these scent-sational brands so that you always have a mix of flavours on hand! Amidst all this generosity, don’t forget to treat yourself as well. Candles play with our sense of sight and smell, creating a calming environment filled with tranquil scents that transport us somewhere else. Light one as you study, take a bath, or prepare for bed. Happy shopping!

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