Video: The Dos And Don’ts Of Makeup

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One of the major reasons why makeup is loved around the world is because it gives women a powerful way to express themselves, without having to say much. It can totally transform one’s look for the better. But a little too much or the wrong application of products can also go wrong really fast.

So when we got celebrity makeup artist Babar Zaheer at Mashion HQ, we got him to give us a breakdown of exactly that — a side-by-side comparison of the dos and don’ts of makeup. This is one video you will want to watch again and again.


  • Use a primer to mattify your skin.
  • Use colour correcting concealer to even out your skin tone.
  • Use a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Set your base with loose powder.
  • Use a light transition colour in your crease.
  • Build from light to dark eyeshadows to create depth.
  • Find a bronzer that works with your skin tone.
  • Use blush that looks natural.
  • Highlight the top of your cheekbones and brow bone.
  • Curl your eyelashes before using mascara.
  • Use a natural looking lip tint.


  • Use foundation two tones lighter than your skin tone
  • Use setting powder lighter than your skin tone.
  • Use strong transition colours for your crease.
  • Use a bright eyeshadow that doesn’t match the rest of your eye look.
  • Use bronzer that doesn’t match your skin tone.
  • Use a blush that is too light or bright for your skin tone.
  • Use a very bright lip colour.
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