11 Best Travel Essentials You’ll Regret Not Packing On Your Next Vacation

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At the risk of sounding dramatic, there are many things that are capable of ruining a trip. The good news? Some of them can be avoided — namely, what you pack. Arriving at your destination without certain travel essentials can, well, suck. And while, hopefully, nothing would be significant enough to ruin your trip, we think that having these all-important travel essentials on hand will make your travel experience infinitely more enjoyable. From a cardholder that will keep your money in its place to a travel pillow that’ll keep you well-rested on your long-haul flight, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best travel companions. Shop our travel-friendly picks below!


We’ve stressed on the importance of this time and time again – because we really mean it. Don’t forget your sunscreen at home! You’ll be out and about on your holiday, exposed to the suns (deadly) rays, so your holiday is a time when you’ll need your handy sunblock more than ever.

A Watch

Not only is this a super-chic accessory to sport, but a watch will also help you stay on track while on holiday. Yes, we know what you’ll say, we all have cellphones. Your cellphone may die if you’re painting the town red while on vacation, so just in case, make sure you’re wearing a watch too!

A Hands-Free Handbag

Now is not the time to bust out that top-handle mini bag, as cute as it may be. Free your hands up to take photos and pet koalas (we should all be so lucky) instead.

Travel Pillow

Give yourself complete comfort no matter what mode of transportation. A travel pillow will make sure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of achy and distressed. Trust us!

Eye Mask

Now that’s a sleeping mask! Just put this on during the flight and pretend you’re somewhere else. Believe us, your journey there will be so much more relaxing.

A Scarf

Always carry a scarf with you on long flights. Planes tend to get cold, and it can be used as a blanket or even an extra pillow. Plus, it makes for an uber-chic accessory once you touch down at your next fashionable destination!

A Cardholder

Never worry about loosing your cash in a foreign land again. With a cardholder you’ll have everything from your ID to your credit cards, room keys and spare change right in place. Plus, for a cardholder so chic, we’d go on holiday just to use it!


Those Rs500 sunglasses you could be forced to buy at the airport if you forget to pack them probably aren’t going to make for the best travel selfies. So we recommend you travel prepared, and in style with these trendy pair instead!

Portable Charger

If you’ve ever experienced the stress of having to order an Uber on 15% battery, you need this. Trust us, a foreign land is not a place where you want to be stranded with no phone and no way of going back home (especially when you don’t speak the language).

Walking Shoes

Whether you’ll be trekking around a city or want to squeeze in a workout, you’ll definitely need these. Also, it’s always better to travel comfortably and to keep comfortable options with your in your suitcase. Better to be safe then sorry!

Comfortable Spare Outfit

Leave the rigid 100% cotton jeans at home and opt for something that’ll allow you to move freely and that you don’t mind spending all day in. Trust us, this decision will take you far.

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