Here’s How To Wear Heels All Day Long Without Hurting Your Feet

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High heels come with two things — the right amount of glamour and a whole lot of pain. You can’t achieve the former without dealing with the latter! As young girls we’d jump at the chance to buy a gorgeous pair of heels, thinking how pretty we’d look in them. But now there’s hesitation as we debate if the swollen feet and blisters are worth it! Thank God flats and sneakers exist and have become so trendy! But there’s more good news— it is possible to survive a whole day in heels without hurting your feet! Curious to figure out how? Keep reading and we’ll tell you our secrets!

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1. Wear The Right Size

When Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we’re pretty sure she was talking about the right size of shoes. Wearing shoes for an extended period of time causes our feet to swell. If you start out with a snug pair of heels, things are sure to get worse as the day goes on. Know the exact size of your feet and opt for heels that give your longest toe some breathing space.

Pro tip: Always shop for footwear at the end of your shopping spree, when your feet are already swollen.

2. Walk Straight

Obviously, walking in heels is nothing like walking in flats. From your posture to the steps you take, everything contributes to how smooth or painful your day in heels will be. When you walk, use your core muscles, take smaller steps than you usually do and keep your legs straight. It’ll make your life in heels much easier!

3. Pick A Thicker Heel

If the sole reason you’re wearing heels is to look taller, we recommend you to ditch thin stilettos and go for thicker heels. While stilettos look really glamorous, they can cause you to wobble around, as they offer no stability. Chunkier block heels have more surface area; they reduce the pressure on the soles of your feet and make walking much more comfortable. You’re welcome!

4. Ditch Thin Soles

Just like thin heels, thin soles are also not a great option if you want to survive in heels all day. When wearing heels, there’s a lot of pressure on your foot and the only thing that separates it from the ground is a thin sole. A thicker sole can provide more support to your foot, hence relieving a lot of pain. A thicker sole also means your foot won’t be on as steep an angle, which will help with comfort levels.

5. Tape Your Toes

The age-old trick of taping your toes together does wonders when it comes to easing the pain caused by high heels. Tape your third and fourth toes together to take the pressure off the balls of your feet. It’ll make walking in heels a lot less painful! Make sure to use medical tape to avoid any numbness.

6. Opt For Shoes Covered From The Top

Not all high-heeled shoes are the devil! Some are easy enough to wear all day long. High-heeled sandals, which have enough covering from the top, are a better option than strappy thin heels. They’re much more comfortable to walk in, offer a lot more support and stability to your feet and can prevent blisters.

7. Take Frequent Breaks

Wearing heels for a few hours at a time is no big deal. But if you have to subject yourself to a longer period of torture, have some mercy on your toes and take frequent breaks. If the situation allows, take your shoes off every hour and let your feet breathe for a while. There’s a reason why you see so many girls with heels in their hands rather than on their feet at the end of a night!

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