How To Handle Rejection From Your Dream College

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Whether it’s a job or a relationship, rejection is always heart breaking. The same goes for those dealing with rejection from their dream colleges too! Your hopes are high, you’ve envisioned yourself attending your desired college (sometimes for years) and it’s time for your dreams to come true – but one rejection letter changes it all. The good news: there are ways to cope with it. If you’re experiencing rejection from your dream college, here are some ways you can handle it without being completely shattered.

Take Time To Process It

How you initially react to a rejection determines how you will proceed. The moment you read the rejection email or receive the letter, you may feel as though your whole world has come crashing down on you. Let us tell you, it’s totally normal to feel this way. You don’t have to put on a brave face. Expressing your emotions at the right time will keep you from grieving over it for a long time. Take your time to accept the reality but move on as soon as you’re ready.

Make A List

This may sound like a lot of work (especially when you’re feeling low), but trust us – it works. Just how you were advised to make a list of pros and cons before applying to your dream college, it’s now time to list down all the reasons why you think it wasn’t the perfect fit for you. At first you may think there are no reasons but as soon as you sit down to make a list, the reasons will come flowing down. This will help ease the pain of rejection and make you realise that everything happens for a reason.

Don’t Take It Personally

When a college rejects you, it’s not always because they don’t think you’re good enough, more often than not, they analyse various factors. Sure, it’s infuriating to know that you put in years of hard work in the pursuit of getting into that one college. But remember it’s not just your capability that decides whether or not you get the admission.

From the limited number of seats to the priority lists, the admission process is much more complex than you think. Therefore it’s important to understand that the rejection is not a reflection of how bright you are.

Shift Your Focus To Things You Can Do

Thinking about how you could’ve prepared for the test better or been more confident during the interview…these are some thoughts that may pop up in your head after being rejected. But remember, regret gets you nowhere. Instead of focusing on what could’ve been done, invest your time thinking about what can be done. Can you request the college to reconsider your application? Can you reapply next year? Can you go to some other college and transfer later? The options are endless.

Broaden Your Horizons

As much as you love that one college, the fact is that it’s not the only college. It’s normal for students to get excited about their dream college and forget their other options. Consider the colleges that accepted your application. They may not be on your priority list, but there’s a reason they made a place on it in the first place.

Take It As An Opportunity

Instead of thinking that the door has been closed forever, think of it as the opening of a new door. If you couldn’t make it this year, you now have one more year to work on your weaknesses and prepare better. Take a break, enrol yourself in extra classes that you couldn’t take because of limited time or maybe reconsider your future plans. There’s no deadline for achieving your dreams.

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