4 Workout Outfits That Will Get You To Your Morning Gym Class

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We won’t lie, what motivates us to go to the gym is wearing fashionable active wear. We want our pieces to be comfortable and affordable, but we also want them to be stylish, breathable, and supportive. That’s why we’ve listed workout wear options for you! Read on to see which category you fall under:

The Fashionista

You should wear to the gym what makes you feel your best. For some that means wearing a matching outfit from head to toe. So, if you’re a fashionista who takes her separates seriously, head on to Tuhurra Athletics and My Protein for your next active wear purchase.

The Selfie Obsessed

Does a workout session even count if you don’t take a picture to document the moment? It’s completely okay to snap a picture for the gram now and then and if you’re guilty of doing it, we’re here to help you with the right attire. Buy yourself this cool and comfortable tee from Hef and pair it up with high waisted tights from Next. Your insta feed will thank you!

Comfort With Style

If you’re the girl that wants to look good, but yet feel comfortable, we have just the outfit for you! These leggings by virgin teez will keep your legs looking sculpted, and this crop top by live fit apparel will keep you feeling at ease. You can even show off those abs that we know will start peeking through soon if you keep at it!

The Space Invader

Do you ever feel like you’re in the need of your own version of the power suit at the gym? The one that can keep you feeling like you are at the top of your game? Well, this 3 piece by Sassy is just the gym wear for you then! You’ll look and feel amazing with this on.

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