Word Of Mash: How To Achieve Smooth Skin While Shaving

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Don’t you hate when you get everything ready to shave your legs, only to end with cuts and an uneven shave? But lucky for you, our wonderful followers sent in their suggestions! Scroll down to learn their tips on achieving a flawless shave:


‘Exfoliating with a gentle body scrub and patting that area with a warm damp towel before shaving’ – @zonaqbeauty

‘Scrubbing your body with a loofa before shaving so that all hairs are out’ – @saja._naa

‘Scrub before shaving’ – @purple.sun

‘Scrub, shave and moisturise’ – @shhheeba

Using A Conditioner

‘Apply hair conditioner for smooth skin’ – @bakhtawaaarr

‘Shave with a conditioner’ – @aminaahmed56

‘Use any hair conditioner with shaving for a perfect smooth finish’ – @areej_zafar

Or An Oil

‘Use oil (baby oil or coconut oil) and then use razor, rinse and then moisturise’ – @angzz_z

‘Use coconut oil after shaving’ – @s.i.d.r.a8899

‘Use oil instead of gel/foam. Leaves you with smoother skin’ – @being_wordsmith

Other Tips

‘Veet razors!! Easy peasy and painless!’ – @the.vitiligo.girl

‘Use schick intuition razors! They are meant for our skin’ – @asmatab83

‘Never use an old razor. Make sure you are changing your razors regularly’ – @mariaketan

‘Apply aloevera gel after your shave’ – @mahamaamirr

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