5 Colours You Should Wear In October

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We don’t know about you, but the most exciting thing for us about the season changing, is the change of colours in our wardrobe! If you need help figuring out which colours to be on the look out for in the coming season, look no further. Our follower – Pakhi Dixit – is here to help! Scroll down to read her article on the 5 colours she thinks everyone should be wearing this October:

Whenever we notice something, colour often makes the first impression because there is something about them which we associate our personalities or liking to. Brands now have become more aware of the power colors possess in making it a more customer driven utility and art. While some classics such as palettes of red will always stay, there are other soft colours with distinct shades of their own that are becoming prevalent within fashion, design and beauty trends of the future. From different shades of blue to purple, here are 5 colors you must have in your closet for a beautiful fall start:

Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue is a dark shade of blue tinged with green. Inspired by nature’s natural pigmentation and the vibrant feathers of a male Peafowl. It is native to SouthEast Asia. In umbrella terms, this colour is a mid-tone blue green and is perfect to create a bold statement.

Representative of: Strength and Patience.

Colors that go with Peacock Blue: Pale green, Grey, Pebble.


In layman terms, rust is a reddish-brown or a combination of red, orange and brown like the shade of iron oxide. It got its name from the Proto-Indo-European word “rusta” which means redness. Technically Rust is not a shade or colour, but a small family of hues. 

Representative of: Adventure and resilience.

Colors that go with Rust: White, Black, Emerald Green, Teal and Navy.

Floral Lavender

Light purple or floral lavender is a colour associated with femininity, beauty and elegance. It is also often called the “grown-up” pink. Lavender and Lilac tend to be confused. Lavender is a light or pale purple with a blue tint, whereas Lilac has a pink tint to it. The term “Lavender” as a colour was first used at the beginning of the 16th century. 

Representative of: Grace and spirituality

Colors that go with Lavender – White, Beige, Warm Browns, Magenta etc.


Copper is a warmer version of brown, much like the colour of autumn leaves. It can be used as a substitute for brown to add warmth and vibrancy. In fashion, copper conjures a major 1970s vintage mood when worn with velvet or satin. It portrays a sense of coziness and luxury. This colour is perfect to wear on a day you want your outfit to stand out.

Representative of : Comfort and wealth.

Colors that go with Copper – Red, Purple, Navy Blue.

Fire Red

Fire Red was first made from ochre and it was the first of colors to be used in prehistoric art. The Ancient Egyptians and Mayans coloured their faces red in ceremonies. It is the colour of extremes. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the colour of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past. Red is also a magical and religious colour. 

Representative of: Love and Energy.

Colors that go with Red: White, Yellow and Black.

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