Word Of Mash: How To Make Fresh Flowers Last

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Imagine getting a delivery of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers – all bright, fresh and fragrant – only to have them wilt in a day. If you love your flowers, but can’t figure out how to make them last, we know how it feels! But lucky for all of us, our amazing followers sent in their recommendations on how to make fresh flowers last. Scroll down and read all their suggestions:

The Basics

‘Keep changing water everyday. Give them a little sunlight and fresh air’ – @modest.mommy

‘Put them in water and keep spraying water on them’ – @belsan.ifrahim

‘Put them in a vase full of water and change the water often’ – @zobaria.khushbakht

‘Sunlight and lots of it!’ – @fizzarizvi97

‘Horizontally trim the stems before putting them in water’ – @maahnoorali

‘Cut the stem diagonally in water – learnt this in biology’ – @alizehshahzad_

The 7up Trick

‘Use some 7up with water in a vase’ – tariqfatima875

‘7up mixed water water!!’ – @haniaahmadi

‘Pour in some flat sprite in the water’ – @syedasamanali_

Or Simply Add Sugar In The Water

‘Keep them in sugar water/sugar syrup’ – @go_study_afe

‘Add sugar to the water’ – @mrs.henryronald

‘I’ve heard that placing them in a vase with a sugar and water solution keeps them fresh for days’ – @_.hafsa_sajjad

‘Add some sugar to the water of the flower vase’ – @areebarahman8

Add Disprin To The Water

‘Put a disprin in water’ – @zainab_khan_burki

‘I’ve heard adding disprin to water helps them live longer’ – @i_mariadar02

‘Put 2 disprins in the vase with water for the flowers. It really makes a difference.’ – @lee_.spxm

Other Tips

‘Wrap wet tissues on the roots and on top of the tissues, wrap plastic wrap’ – @shiza_shafiq_

‘Add a pinch of salt (khaad) to the vase full of water that the flowers are in. It provides nutrients!’ – @lamiafahim

‘Some drops of vinegar in the pot with water’ – @fatimahyasin._

Preserve Them

‘Put them in silica gel’ – @erum.rais

‘Dry them in books or hang them with a thread along a rod. Along that, put them in resin’ – messy_buns_in_scrubs

‘Apply hair setting spray on them and let them dry for 2 days’ – @rihabfarooq2005

‘Fold them in tissue paper and then put them in book pages for a while’ – @kausarqazi

‘Hang then upside down first and then press them in books’ – @s.ridazia

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