Word Of Mash: How To Treat Ingrown Toenails

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Ingrown toenails can happen because of several reasons: tight shoes, cutting toenails too short, hurting your toe etc. While they can be painful and cause swelling and redness, there are things you can do to treat it. Keep reading to see what our followers suggest:

Cut Your Nails Straight

‘Cut nails straight’ – @fatima_khan555

‘Don’t cut the ingrown nail. Just cut the nail straight from the front and don’t cut the nail in a curved direction’ – @nehaali673

‘Cut them straight…don’t go round the nail.’ – @3saba

‘Don’t try to cut them in a U shape close to the skin’ – @zb_786


‘Rub garlic on your nails’ – @anuu_shaaaa

‘Rub garlic for 15 seconds’ – @manha.arif

‘Rubbing garlic on nails is very effective for nail growth…’ – @maryamfatima5068

Preventative Measures

‘Take Calcium and Vitamin D’ – @saima.rahat81

‘Calcium’ – @mah_noor25

Coconut Oil

‘Coconut oil’ – @travellogbyeishafamily

‘Apply coconut oil after cutting them’ – @fatimanaseem713

‘Coconut oil’ – @hafsahkhan80

Soak Your Feet

‘Wash the toe with diluted saline solution and then submerge it into salt water to reduce the swellings and soften the corners.’ – @_asmashah_

‘Soak in warm water, followed by vaseline application’ – @meyryeim

Other Suggestions

‘Press slightly on the outer edge of the toe whose nail is ingrown. This should help it to come out’ – @nabeeha_ki_mama

‘Put a piece of cotton between your nail and skin, but you might want to soak it in alcohol to avoid bacteria growing – @zaibfatimaa_

‘Don’t wear closed shoes for longer periods. Peep toes or open sandals are must haves’ – @muneeba_mirza

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