Word And Mash: Tried & Tested Sore Throat Remedies

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It’s the season of sore throats. Whether you’re recovering from COVID-19 or having the seasonal flu, we all have been a victim to a sore throat. For tips on how to soothe it, look no further than the suggestions given by our followers below!

Honey – The Obvious Winner

‘Honey in hot milk’ – @fiza_shn

‘Honey and lemon tea’ – @hgasmari

‘White pepper on honey. Works like magic’ – @khushizahid

‘Honey and cinnamon powder in warm water’ – @emaanrehmann

‘Clove infused honey – really works well!’ – @shaziya_f

‘Honey and turmeric’ – @eshadesai

Go Old School

‘Joshanda’ – @the.daily.blabber

‘Joshanda & Yakhni’ – @nushayy

‘Joshanda in hot water’ – @nawaal_hassan31


‘Do gargels with warm water and salt disprin also works’ – @zizizshiz

‘Salt and turmeric gargles mixed in warm water’ – @majid.sadia

‘Ginger, cinnamon, kehwa and salt water gargals!’ – @abeerah_khwaja


‘Boil water with cinnamon and a small piece of ginger. After which, add a tsp of honey in it. It works like a charm!’ – @toobasiddiqui_04

‘Eating a piece of ginger helps with speedy recovery’ – @fukeha_saif_173

‘Ginger juice and honey – 1 tsp both’ – @urwa1879

‘Ginger, honey, lemon’ – @pratima.thakali


‘Turmeric milk’ – @aamena_fathima

‘Boil water with some mulberry leaves’ – @imma.taiba

‘Cloves and cinnamon tea’ – @tehreemzafar18

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