Word Of Mash: Tips To Sleep Soundly In The Silence Of Winter

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Ah winter…we always miss it as it leaves us. But the one thing most of us can agree on is that winter nights are eerily quiet, especially with all the fans and air conditioners off. That’s why we enlisted our followers’ help to come up with suggestions to sleep better during the silence of winter. Keep reading!

Embrace The Weather

‘By feeling comfortable in the cozy weather’ – @anumkabir_

‘Enjoy being cozy in your blanket!’ – @mehmoodmaliha

‘There is nothing better than sleeping in the winter! Just keep yourself warm with blankets, or layers if needed. If it’s the quiet that’s bothering you, try to put something on in the background’ – @moreofmini

Sounds In The Background 

‘Put on lo-fi music and try to sleep’ – @linachaudry

‘White noise can help sometimes!’ – @marxminii

‘Open the fan in slow speed’ – @oshnasheikh

General Tips 

‘Drink lukewarm milk before going to bed’ – @aasilicious_253

‘No screen time before bed.’ – @kulsum96

‘You just need some meditation and peace of mind before bed’ – @sonalitry

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