Word of Mash: How To Stay On Budget While Travelling

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Have trouble staying on budget? Does budgeting on vacation make you feel like you’re back in the first year of college? If all of us struggle with budgeting, does anyone really know the key? And for those of you who know how to, how does it feel to be God’s favorite? Anyway, here are some tried and tested methods courtesy our most reliable sources – you!

The fun stuff first: 

Fun fact: we laugh out loud for real when we come across answers like these. Keep them coming!

  • By not traveling 😂 – @siddiqui.019
  • I don’t – @sahibamustafa_

Budget friendly countries to check out:

  • Dubai – @mfathyibraheem
  • Turkey – @knusrat81
  • Malaysia – @_itsrida_


You can save a lot by using a low-cost mode of transport and researching and learning about the best flight deals in advance. Here are some ways you can do exactly that:

  • Book a flight way ahead of time. Never shop too much make more memories that’s why you’re there – @ishtiaqistic
  • Flights on Tuesday and Wednesday midnights are relatively cheaper than Friday evening flights – @zaynahzaman_
  • Plan and book early, try to avoid common vacation months, use credit card deals, don’t buy lot of stuff – @khososanam
  • Use public transport – @dctrdella
  • Hostels, street food, rent a bike – @ameeranaz
  • Plan your trip according to your budget or under budget so it could help you to spend accordingly – @_fatima313


If you can keep a check on how much you’re spending on shopping – it’s safe to say you’ll have no problem staying on budget on holiday. You’re there for the experience anyway, so try to enjoy that!  

  • Don’t buy too much stuff. You can most prolly get them at your home country too. Just get a souvenir – @_zainab_fr
  • Don’t buy a lot of stuff. Try to hang up with needy things and plan for everything 🙌 – @soundous.balam
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