Mashion’s List Of 67 Relationship Dealbreakers

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Whether you call them dealbreakers or red flags, certain toxic traits or unhealthy behaviors are enough to call it quits even in long-term relationships. While this list may be indefinite and ever-growing, here are 67 relationship dealbreakers to look out for according to Mashion Staffers.

1. Physical abuse of any kind and at any stage (i.e., pushing, grabbing).
2. Having no trust or faith in you.
3. Emotional manipulation or gaslighting.
4. Lack of respect.
5. Being a pathological liar or cheater.
6. Having narcissistic tendencies or being an attention-seeker.
7. Having anger management issues.
8. Insulting your character.
9. Not being supportive of your career or endeavors.
10. Holding your past against you.
11. Never admit their mistakes and making you feel like you are always in the wrong.
12. Being controlling of your actions, attire, and other relationships.
13. If they have low self-esteem and need you for constant validation.
14. Substance abuse.
15. Codependency or being overly clingy.
16. Intolerance towards your social, political, or religious beliefs.
17. Lack of ambition or aspiration.
18. Stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise.
19. Lack of healthy communication.
20. Opposed to growth and change.
21. Inability to resolve conflict.
22. Constant jealousy and possessiveness.
23. Lack of emotional intelligence.
24. Unreliable towards commitments.
25. Lack of interest in your hobbies or passions.
26. Still being hung up on a past relationship.
27. Keeping your relationship, a secret from their friends and family.
28. Unable to form deep or emotional connections.
29. Inconsiderate of your past traumas.
30. Lack of response to unanswered texts or calls.
31. Not respecting your boundaries.
32. Patronizing or belittling you.
33. Partying or going out way too often without including you.
34. Putting their work or hobbies before your needs.
35. Disrespectful to your parents or friends.
36. Making fun of or demeaning you in front of others.
37. Downplaying your accomplishments.
38. Threatened by your success.
39. Going through your phone or private text messages without your consent.
40. Comparing you to others.
41. Lack of gratitude towards you.
42. Love-bombing or the act of showering you with too many gifts and praises to make you feel indebted to them.
43. Constantly forgetting important anniversaries, birthdays, or occasions.
44. Lack of physical and/or verbal affection.
45. Act superior or making you feel like you are not good enough for them.
46. Body-shaming.
47. Tries to confine you to gender norms or stereotypes.
48. Having different life goals.
49. Having different sex drives or preferences.
50. Lack of social etiquettes.
51. Too much financial dependency on you.
52. The need to be dominant.
53. Lack of self-awareness.
54. Bad hygiene.
55. If they carry around a gun or resort to violence.
56. If they describe all their ex’s as crazy.
57. If they rush into a relationship.
58. Rude to their parents.
59. If they do not want kids (unless both of you agree to this).
60. If they’re irresponsible with their finances.
61. Have problematic friends.
62. Support a racist or sexist public figure.
63. If they are unable to take a stand for you or themselves.
64. If they don’t have opinions.
65. If they are emotionally detached from their friends or family.
66. Unkind to animals.
67. If your gut tells you that this is not the right relationship for you.
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