The Unspoken Struggles of Pakistani Moms

In Pakistan, traditional gender roles have long dictated that women are expected to embody the image of the perfect, selfless housewife. This ideal paints them as masters of household chores, impeccable child-raisers, culinary wizards, interior decorators, and nurturing teachers. While this portrayal may have deep cultural roots, the reality is far more complex. This article delves into why brands in Pakistan have perpetuated the image of the “Perfect Mom” and how Shield, a pioneering Pakistani brand, has initiated a transformative campaign, “Mamta ki Zaban,” to challenge this norm and support the real struggles of Pakistani mothers.

The ‘Perfect Mom’ Myth

Brands across Pakistan have long contributed to the perpetuation of the ‘Perfect Mom’ myth. They’ve reinforced the societal expectations placed on women by showcasing mothers who effortlessly juggle a myriad of responsibilities, never complain, and appear to have it all figured out. While this image may be appealing, it fails to acknowledge the very real, unspoken challenges faced by women in their roles as mothers. These portrayals can create undue pressure and unrealistic expectations, leading to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and emotional strain among mothers.

Shield’s Empathetic Approach

It’s high time that society recognizes the silent struggles of Pakistani mothers. Shield, a brand that deeply understands these challenges, has initiated a campaign called “Mamta ki Zaban.” The essence of this campaign is to break away from the ‘Perfect Mom’ stereotype and, instead, acknowledge the unspoken truths that mothers face daily. Shield aims to create an emotional connection with Pakistani moms by empathizing with their hardships and offering solutions to make their lives easier.

Listening to Unspoken Struggles

The campaign’s message is crystal clear: Shield listens to what moms aren’t saying, understands their needs, and strives to fulfill those needs with innovative products and unwavering passion. From sleepless nights because of upset babies and feeding schedules, to diaper rashes, personal chores, or even a career: mothers do not have it easy. Their life goes from simple to complicated in a flash, when they suddenly have a small human that needs them for every small thing. Shield acknowledges that mothers may have aspirations and dreams beyond traditional motherhood, which is a reality that society often neglects. Moreover, motherhood is not as smooth a journey as its made out to be. While newborn babies have needs that can’t be paused or delayed, new mothers are also facing an entirely new reality: one where they must be selfless, sacrifice sleep, and be available 24/7 for their child. Motherhood isn’t always east. Shield steps in as a brand that not only values mothers’ aspirations and endeavors, but aims to support all mothers in their journey, to make their lives a little easier.

Challenging the Norm

The ‘Perfect Mom’ image has long kept Pakistani mothers confined to rigid roles and unrealistic expectations. While the intentions behind such portrayals may have been positive, they have inadvertently caused unnecessary stress and anxiety among women. Motherhood is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and it’s essential to embrace diversity in the ways mothers navigate their lives.

Supporting Mothers in Multifaceted Roles

Shield’s range of products are tailored to alleviate the numerous daily challenges faced by mothers. Their range of products covers everything from hyper specific feeders (for colic babies, for example), to talc -free powder, comfortable and rash resistant diapers, and expert items for irritable teething babies. Shield takes an active role in supporting mothers in their multifaceted roles.


It’s crucial to recognize that motherhood comes in many forms, and each mother’s journey is unique. Shield’s campaign, “Mamta ki Zaban,” represents a groundbreaking shift in how brands in Pakistan approach the portrayal of mothers. Shield’s message is clear: they stand with mothers, acknowledge their unspoken struggles, and provide the support and solutions needed to empower mothers in their journey. By dispelling the myth of the ‘Perfect Mom,’ Shield leverages a 48 year long legacy to pave the way for a more inclusive and empathetic society, where mothers can be themselves without the burden of unrealistic expectations.

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