2024 Fashion Trends And Where To Shop Them

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The fashion landscape of 2024 is a blank canvas that’s ready to be painted: after the dominance of quiet luxury and Y2K aesthetics in 2023, we are transitioning into a new era with fresh styles. By all reports, 2024 is setting the stage to introduce a touch of maximalism, accessorizing, and a concentration on perfect tailoring. This year, fashion enthusiasts will witness the rise of a new onslaught of trends. Starting from the runway and trickling down into stores, we’re about to see collections that borrow from Corp-Core, inspired by structured outfits borrowing from corporate color palettes, the dreamy and feminine aura around Girl-Core, and the sparkling allure of Sequins heavy pieces – read on for a comprehensive guide to what they are, and where to shop them.

Power Dressing in 2024

Corp-Core is where fashion takes cues from the boardroom, blending structured silhouettes with a touch of corporate sophistication. Think powerful blazers, tailored trousers, and dresses that exude authority. The color palette draws inspiration from corporate settings, featuring subdued tones with occasional bold pops, reminiscent of  recently popular TV series “Succession” like succession. It’s a fusion of professionalism and contemporary chic, offering a polished look for the modern woman navigating both the office and the social scene.

Embracing Femininity and Softness

Girl-Core brings about a celebration of femininity with soft colors, delicate bows, and pastel hues. This trend is a delightful contrast to the boldness of corp-core, focusing on creating a dreamier and more ethereal aesthetic. From flowing dresses adorned with bows to pastel-toned separates, Girl-Core captures the essence of romance and elegance. It’s an invitation to embrace the softer side of fashion, resonating with those who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their wardrobe.

Sparkle At Every Occasion

While sequins are not entirely new, they are taking center stage in a variety of styles, from evening wear to everyday outfits. This trend allows fashion enthusiasts to embrace their most maximalist selves: sparkle, color, and personal expression are at the heart of the sequins takeover. Sequins are no longer reserved for special occasions – this trend embraces individuality and bold choices.

As we wrap up our guide to these three trends, it’s essential to remember that fashion is a dynamic and personal journey. While trends provide inspiration, staying true to your original style is the key to a confident and authentic look. Whether you find yourself drawn to the power of Corp-Core, the dreaminess of Girl-Core, or the sparkling allure of sequins, let your unique style shine through. 2024 is a year of style diversity, inviting you to experiment and embrace the trends that resonate with your individuality. 

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