What is the ‘Mob Wife’ Aesthetic? A Guide On How To Nail This Trend

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In 2024, the fashion and beauty girlies are bidding farewell to the Clean Girl aesthetic and embracing their Mob Wife era. Think of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, Patrizia Reggiani from House of Gucci, or Sharon Stone in Casino – heavy kohl lined eyes, a stern demeanour, and all things luxury. This is the newest and most unexpected trend to come our way, but it evokes all things loud. Perhaps as a reaction to the reserved, almost sombre appearance of ‘quiet luxury,’ this is a trend that embraces animal print, colour, and glam. It defines maximalism and self-expression in a way that doesn’t take oneself too seriously. The Mob Wife aesthetic seamlessly blends power with femininity. Envision yourself draped in luxurious fabrics, adorned with oversized sunglasses to shield you from prying eyes, and covered in your best jewels. Through this style report, we unravel the key elements that define the Mob Wife Aesthetic, from statement accessories to impeccably tailored ensembles, to makeup. If this is a trend that’s right up your alley, continue reading this guide on how to really get behind it: 

The thing about style trends is that they are just that: a trend. We can never predict which will stand the test of time, or which will be a fad that fizzles out. The Mob Wife Aesthetic is a fun new way to play with our personal style and push our boundaries. It might seem difficult to replicate, but when broken down like our report has, you realise it doesn’t take more than a few simple essentials like black silk trousers or a wool coat to sell the look. The key is in styling what you have, and perfecting a makeup look that tells everyone you’re not to be messed with. We can’t wait to see your rendition! Remember to tag us at @mashionpk in any mob-wife looks you create and we’ll feature our favourite ones! 

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