8 Snacks That Made Every Pakistani’s Childhood Awesome

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You know your childhood was the best time of your life when an old photo, movie or song immediately takes you back to the good ol’ days. It seems like those carefree days passed by in a blink of the eye. Of all the things to take you down the memory lane, snacks that you’ve had as a kid are reason enough to give you all the feels. Hop on our nostalgia train as we take you to revisit the yummiest snacks from our days of yore.

Top Pops

Before Lays and Kurkure took over, it was Top Pops that fended off our evening cravings. They were tasty but it wasn’t the only reason they were popular among kids. The free seeti (whistle) inside was the real star in the packet full of yumminess!

Jet Sport

The frozen deliciousness of Jet Sport was a favourite summer snack back in the day. A major part of summer vacations was loading the fridge with these orange-flavoured beauties.

Dino Munchies

A constant in our lunchbox, Dino Munchies were the reason we eagerly waited for recess. The joy you felt when your friend also had the same for lunch was unparalleled.

The Chocolate Beans Mask

Unfortunately, Instagram was not a thing in those days or else this would’ve been the most Instagrammable snack. Not to forget the excitement of popping the beans out from the back of the mask.

Ding Dong

Are you even Pakistani if you don’t remember all the classic Ding Dong songs by heart? Singing them while eating the sweet bubble gum was a whole new game back then.

Bubble Your Name

Nothing made us angrier than opening this gum with excitement, only to find Sana, Ali, and Ayesha written on it rather than your own name. And if you ever did, trust us, you were one lucky person!

The Football Chocolate

Don’t know who produced it or what they were called, but our beloved ‘football wali chocolate’ was always found in our pockets in abundance.


These cool mints were the most hip snack from our childhood. With packets of Polo in our pockets, one would feel like the coolest kid at school. Yes, being cool was this easy not many years ago!

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