A Much-Needed Reminder To Practice Gratitude

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Life is unpredictable; the past year has definitely taught us that. But despite all the chaos and turbulence that life throws at us, there are always moments worth appreciating, if we take the time out to notice them. Sooper’s new ad celebrates exactly those moments, and encourages us to be grateful for the Seedhi Saadhi Khushi in our life. Amongst the many teachings of Ramadan is practicing gratitude, and just because it’s over, doesn’t mean we stop doing it. To find out more, keep reading:

Gratitude Post Pandemic

Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in things, especially when times are tough. However, there are so many small things to be grateful for. If you’re with your family right now, it’s a blessing. Laughter shared with a loved one, having a roof over your head, eating your favourite meal – these are all moments to be grateful for. The pandemic has shifted priorities for people in many ways but if there’s one thing it’s truly taught us, it’s that we can always find the #ShukarKaEkPal.

Sooper’s New Ad

Sooper’s new commercial features Zahid Ahmed and Sara Khan, and gives us a reason to pause and remind ourselves of the joy that exists around us. Happiness can be found in mundane things like enjoying a cup of tea with a biscuit in the evening, or in getting a hug from a loved one. With the help of the introspective Dua-e-Shukr in the background, Sooper’s new commercial is emotional, nostalgic and a much needed reminder that the real things to be grateful for are the seedhi saadhi khushiyan we are surrounded by every single day. 

Go Appreciate Your Loved Ones!

If watching Sooper’s commercial made you feel as blessed as it made us feel, go share this gratitude with those nearest and dearest to you. There’s never a wrong time to appreciate the simple moments around you, so let’s all try to acknowledge them and have our own #ShukarKaEkPal.

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