6 Home Fragrances For Every Kind Of Personality

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When decorating around the house, you can never forget home fragrances, because not only do they look lovely sitting on your bedside table or shelf, the aroma and fragrance lifts the spirit of your home! Whether you’re having guests over, or chilling out by yourself, there’s a scent for everyone that’ll set the atmosphere, no matter what the mood is. To find out more about which home fragrance is best for you, keep reading.

The Sweetheart

Are you always hearing people tell you how kind and sweet you are, or how much of a loving personality you have? Well a person so sweet should have a scent that matches just that! We love the smell of toasted vanilla, especially in the colder months, as it creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for snuggling by the TV, and this candle by Candle Works Co. has all those vibes! 

The Mysterious One

You like to keep things low-key, and not let anyone know too much about you, because you’re a private person, or perhaps you’ve got some secrets you’re hiding. Well this reed diffuser from The Kandle Co. is exactly what you need, with a mysterious scent profile of citrus, sea salt, dark musk and cardamom, creating a mystical environment!

The Coffee Addict

You don’t just enjoy coffee, you adore it. You can’t start your day without a cup, and you love discovering new blends, well this candle The Karachi Candle Company is meant for you. With a rich blend of roasted cacao, dark coffee beans, sweet caramel, and vanilla, this perfectly encapsulates what it means to have a delicious cup of coffee on a beautiful morning!

The Baker

There’s nothing better than the smell of your freshly baked goods in the oven after baking, it instantly makes you feel cozy and warm. If you’re someone who loves baking and desserts, and you want to emulate that scent in your house all the time, so anyone who visits feels instantly at home, we recommend the Apple Crumble scented room spray from Colish

The Traveller

If you’ve always felt that you’re a wanderer, an explorer, a nomad, someone who can’t be contained by the city life and always yearns to spend time in the mountains, then you’ll fall in love with this candle from Honey I’m Home Candles. With notes of freesias, pink salt and purple wild berries, lighting this will transport you to your dream place instantly!

The Carefree One

We’ve all been there. You get invited to an event and in the moment you agree to go but as the day approaches you realise the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and socialise. Well, text an excuse, light this candle from Litt & Co, and get back into bed! This is the candle that lets you know, it’s okay to cancel plans, because you live your life carefree. 

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