Adoption In Pakistan – How Can You Go About It?

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The adoption process can be difficult in Pakistan, especially with the unclear laws regarding adoption in the constitution. The Edhi Welfare Organisation till date has provided 23,320 babies and children to couples and families. While the process can be difficult, there are some organisations that make it easier just like the Edhi Foundation – we have collected information on a few of them for you to make the process a little less overwhelming!

Edhi Welfare Organisation

Since every organisation and company has their own adoption process, the Edhi Foundation has forms uploaded on their website – in both Urdu and English. An article written on the Edhi adoption program lists down criteria that the couple needs to meet after which they have to film the form. The criteria includes:

  • Childless for more than 10-12 years after marriage
  • Father has reasonable income 
  • Couples have their own house
  • Couple doesn’t have drug related problem 
  • Potential mothers age is less than 50 years

After the criteria is met, it is time to fill the form. The form asks for details about the couple and basic questions about the monthly household incomes. After the information from the form is verified, the couple will be interviewed by Mrs. Bilquis Bano Edhi as the final step of if the parents have been approved for the adoption. 

Link to the form in English.

Link to the form in Urdu.

Courting The Law – Legal News & Analysis Portal 

According to the information provided by Rafique Ahmed in the article, who serves as an in-house legal counsel for Pak Telecom Mobile Limited, there is no set law regarding adoption in Pakistan which makes it fairly easy. As stated by Mr. Ahmed, a verbal consent or an adoption deed is enough for adoptions to take place in Pakistan. However, the adoptive parents need to get legal custody of the child under the ‘Gaurdians and Wards Act of 1980’. The Act defines who can take custody of the child keeping the welfare of the child into consideration. 

The author of the article can be reached at

Mumtaz & Associates 

A recognised law firm in Pakistan, Mumtaz & Associates also deals with adoption services in the country. As different adoption firms and agencies have their own process, this one is different than the other two listed above. The prospective parents have to hire a lawyer to apply to the family court of adoption. With that, there is also a list of criteria mentioned on their website. Some of the requirements are noted below: 

  • Parents have to be Muslim.
  • Atleast one parent needs to be from Pakistani origin.
  • Apply to the Family Court of Adoption

Contact details: 

Tel:+92 21 35822618 | +92 21 35822619


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