Meet The Restaurant That’s Embracing A Culture Of Local Sourcing

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Local sourcing is not just a passing trend; rather, it has developed into an essential part of many restaurants’ efforts to ensure that their foods are both fresh and delicious, to encourage environmental sustainability, and, most crucially, to provide financial support to local businesses.

Restaurants like ‘Local’ in Islamabad are leading the charge toward more reliance on products sourced from the immediate area. The goal is to buy local goods and consume locally-produced food. Because Pakistan is home to some of the most flavorful produce in the world, incorporating local produce in their dishes just makes sense!

The restaurant takes great care in employing seasonal foods, and as a result, it creates monthly menus that pay homage to the exquisitely fresh produce grown locally while incorporating the traditions and influences of Europe.

As a result of working with high-quality local sources, Local has also been able to develop plates that put an emphasis on the unadulterated and nuanced flavours that each individual component naturally possesses. One such illustration of this is the use of locally grown organic beetroots on their delicious signature beetroot ravioli and beetroot feta cheese salad. The beetroot is cooked in a manner that results in a meal that is equally sophisticated and simple and allows the individual components of the dish to shine. Their ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) juice is made with organic produce too if you’re looking to have something refreshing and healthy with your meal.

The dynamic menu at ‘Local’ will showcase creative new dishes on a monthly basis. Wood-fired pizzas, beetroot ravioli, and distinctive chargrilled burgers are featured here at costs that won’t put a dent in your wallet and are perfect for a speedy lunch or an early dinner.

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