Word Of Mash: Quick Energy Boosting Hacks

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We all have those lazy mornings when our mind’s moving at a snail’s pace and we need that quick-fix to instantly recharge ourselves. Whether it’s a good song to lift the mood or a favourite dessert for that sugar rush, here are some fun ideas from Mashion’s followers to you! 

A caffeine boost goes a long way:

As Pakistanis, our favourite solution to most problems is always a hot cup of karak chai…


“Tea😌” – @_.itsannam._


“Black coffee” –@noorfatimaa72


“Cold coffee” – @iamfahad.8235


“Chai, coke and eventually neend” – @saleha_shaikh_031


“Put a spoon full of coffee inside your mouth it tastes awful🤢 but gives a quick energy boost” – @zizizshiz


For those of us who aren’t fans of caffeine:

Don’t worry, we got you! There are other foods and drinks that can help just as well…


“Banana and Nutella smoothie” – @hibakhalid05


“Water helps me the best👍💯” – @mano._.aq 


“Exercise, yoga, prayers, energy boosting foods like make a smoothie shake with spinach, pineapple, banana, yoghurt and few chia seeds. Avoid excessive caffeine cause alot of times coffee/tea can make u sleepy also so it needs to flush out of the body – hence take water and do minimum use. Uh what else- hmm do brain trainer exercise, like complete a crossword or do words search, go for a walk or give urself 5k challenge to walk and challenge friends so ur boosted out of bed” – @blue_bunty


Sometimes you need to use energy to boost energy:

Time to shake things up a little…


“Dancing on my fav songss!” – @zehrajumanii


“Slap yourself a few times, it does the trick!” – @theimankhan


“Go wash your face” – @asma456t


“Increase the intensity of light like in the room turn on more lights” – @kashifabajwah


“Play with Ur pet if u have one that is or see mahira khan”– @mash56__zara5


A little downtime might help:

Go easy on yourself! Perhaps a little rest is all you need…


“Nap” – @hafsachaudhary32


“use ur fav app😀” – @kjyk49


“Take a walk around, or a insta stroll break” – @saba_shakeel._


“Just don’t work 😂” – @laalina_yousafzai

At Mashion, we believe managing a good work-life balance is the best way to maintain high energy levels. Spending time with your loved ones and unwinding a healthy way to boost your energy before the next working day. 


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