Don’t Hush Periods, Let’s Talk to Live #LifeUninterrupted! Molped’s Latest Campaign is Doing Just That!

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Conversing about period is always considered a taboo in Pakistan, which results in less awareness of menstrual hygiene and therefore, more interruptions in a woman’s daily life. We should accept the female biological cycle of nature without shame, and understand that we need to talk about periods & educate our youth. This is especially true for young girls, who need to be aware of the myths & taboos around periods. 

Say No to Period Shaming

Molped is a sanitary pad brand that has openly busted the taboo around the word ‘Period’ by calling it just that. Traditionally, brands have always referred to periods as “That time of the month”. Molped is the first brand that’s taken this taboo head on, and it  portrays periods in a positive light. It aims to give menstruating women a safe space to talk about their everyday struggles by providing a platform where they can ask questions, talk about periods & live #LifeUninterrupted. Scroll down to read more about it!

So Let’s Talk Period

Molped has taken an initiative by launching a unique & one of a kind period education drive called “Period Pals by Molped”, where they have engaged students in universities across Pakistan who are actively taking the lead in creating awareness, both online & offline. 

We should all support this initiative, as it is a bright chance to make a big social change movement and  contribute to the wellness and safety of our Pakistani women!

Check out the video below: 

So be loud and proud about your period to live #LifeUninterrupted

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