The Thrifting Phenomenon & Why You Need To Get Behind It

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Cottage-core, corp-core, office-siren, mob-wife – the speed of the trend cycle is faster than ever before. It’s not only difficult to find out where to shop these aesthetics from, but also unsustainable, expensive, and sometimes not authentic to our own signature style. The power of thrifting is being able to give a second life to garments that are still in pristine condition, to discover something unique which isn’t available in traditional brick & mortar stores, and chart our own style journey by finding pieces which resonate with us more than what Instagram says we should be wearing. The ultimate benefit here is getting to collect clothing items which are wardrobe staples in line with our own aesthetic. While thrift stores have sprouted all over the West, there is still some pushback locally. The popular opinion that thrifted clothing is dirty, cheaply made, or discarded for some sinister reason completely misses the point. Thrifting is a joy, and one which we’re extremely glad is here to stay! 

Thrifting isn’t just limited to clothes: you can find speciality items, home goods, and so much more. We’re here to show you where to start from with the list below!

From small trinkets and affordable finds for interior decorating, to casual-wear, or even a hidden gem or two in the form of a vintage designer piece: thrifting is the gift that keeps on giving. We’re guilty of spending many an evening browsing endlessly for that one perfect find, getting a rush of satisfaction when we finally find something truly unique. Are you ready to give thrifting a try? Check out some of these local and international pages and let us know! 

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