How To Start A New Habit That You Can Stay Committed To

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This summer may be the summer of great changes for some because they are picking up new habits and discovering different things that they are passionate about. This is possibly the best time to explore your different interests and try your hand at something you have been meaning to try for a while, but could never find the time to. Scroll below to read our guide on how to take up a new activity and stay committed to it:


The first step to picking up a new habit is to brainstorm all the new things you can actually try and adopt in your life. Start with a list of activities that are both achievable and benefits you or your life. You can begin with simple ones like waking up early every morning or adding one green vegetable to your meals. You can even write down all the things you have been meaning try since you were a kid but never got the chance to.

Visualise The End

There is a high chance that with all the excitement of brainstorming, you will end up with a very long list of things you want to try. However, to make your goals more achievable and successful, you need to narrow down the list by visualising what the adoption of each habit will bring to you, and change about you or your life. Target what is more important to you and ask yourself questions: why do I want to accomplish this hobby? Will it have a significant positive impact?

Be Realistic

As excited as you may be, don’t get carried away; realise that everything takes time. Don’t expect change overnight. Learning is a slow process and adopting a new habit may be quite hard to start. You may want to start with easy goals, which are more attainable. Begin with taking baby steps. If you want to begin exercising for 30 min each day, then start with 10 minutes and slowly increase it to 30minutes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you can accomplish the first few goals, you will be more motivated to start on the slightly harder ones.

Plan And Budget

Yes, in the middle of the Pandemic, all most people have is time. But it is essential that you set aside a certain time period in your day dedicated to just that activity. It does not have to be several hours, just half an hour or an hour would be enough as well. A certain selected time when you are completely free of work, responsibilities and social activities, would be the best way to start at it. If you aim to learn a sport or dance, it is best to figure out the place and time you will do it at. You may even need online lessons, which means you may have to spare some savings to acquire this skill as well.

Evaluate Your Experience

After the first few days of beginning a new hobby, try to record your experiences, and notice how the activity or change made you feel. If you took up morning yoga, evaluate how the activity made you feel. Do you feel more positive and fresh? How did the session make you feel? You shouldn’t judge an experience immediately after the first two tries, instead give it a week or two and then evaluate. If the activity doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, then you can leave it and move on to a new one on your list. The way a habit makes you feel is important because the only way you’re truly going to keep up with it, is if it’s making you feel something in a positive manner. 

Find A Friend

Friends are there for you through thick and thin, no matter what. Accomplishing goals is easier when you have a supporting friend who is also going through the same challenge. Having the same goals will make you accountable for your progress, especially if you are close to quitting. It will keep you both motivated, and reduce the risk of either of you quitting. It will also bring you closer together and make it less intimidating for you to accomplish this goal. So grab a friend and begin your journey!

Don’t Quit

There will be various instances where you may consider quitting your goal, especially when things get overwhelming but stay clear of all signs except the one leading to victory. Quitting will only leave you with regrets as to why you hadn’t try just a little more. Keep reminding yourself of the end result you have visualised and why you began to take up this activity in the first place. Be firm with your motivations and reasons. Nothing is ever perfect and neither are you, so give yourself time and be patient with yourself while learning. Commitment to your hobby means that you set your mind to a goal, so indulge in regular trials in order to achieve it.

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