Tips To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pet

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When a pet enters a household, it automatically becomes a member of the family. Our furry friends mean the world to us – protecting them, ensuring their safety, and treating them well is always the priority. Similar to children, pets need our care at all hours of the day. It is our responsibility to teach them how they are meant to behave in order to keep them and the community safe. 

Make Sure Your Pet Wears A Collar

By having a collar, your dog can never be identified as homeless or stray; it will be known that your pet has a home and an owner. This way, if your pet ever goes missing, it reduces the likelihood that it will be lost for long. Also, a collar provides a space for your pet’s name to be written so that strangers will be able to identify it.

Use A Leash

Using a leash doesn’t mean you should always keep your pet constrained, but it is imperative to know the correct time to utilise it. A leash provides a way to keep control of your pet. If your furry friend is ever triggered to make a run for it, or wanting to get loose for any reason, you can keep him/her gently restrained. Moreover, it keeps you in control and prevents your pet from getting into dangerous situations such as running into the street and risk being hit by a vehicle.

Make Sure Your Pet Has Gotten All Necessary Vaccinations

This is a very important step in maintaining the health of your pet. Vaccinations are essential in preventing diseases in your pets. If vaccinations are up to date, the chances of your pet contracting a preventable illness are significantly lower.

Store Dangerous Domestic Goods Out Of Reach

Pets tend to be curious in households, and often find themselves exploring items that can be dangerous for them. For example, items which contain harmful chemicals such as cleaning products, polish, or specific foods which may be toxic to your animal. Electrical cords, loose strings or rubber bands and empty plastic bags can also be detrimental if ingested, or have suffocating risks.

Don’t Leave Your Pet Unattended When Outside

It is important to keep your pet accompanied while outside. If not, it is possible that they run away, get stolen, or even engage in dangerous activity. Some pedestrians may not be comfortable around certain animals, thus it is important to stay with your pet to ensure they don’t greet or interact with the person if they are not willing.

License Your Pet

This is a legal requirement and it is vital to ensure your pet is registered. The government will not be able to take any extreme actions on your pet if this is done. Also, it adds a level of protection in case your pet gets lost.

Keep A First-Aid Kit Handy

Just as it is for humans, first aid kits are crucial for animals too in case there is ever an accident in which they are injured. In case of emergency, it is always good to have a first-aid kit on hand. P.S – humans and animals can actually use the same first aid kits!

Give Your Pet Obedience Training

Obedience is a key trait to incorporate when training your pet. This quality corroborates that your pet not only respects you, but also respects other humans and animals that they interact with. In the off chance that anything riles up your pet, you will be able to maintain control of the situation if your four-legged friend is well versed in such training.

Secure Your Home So That Your Pet Can’t Leave On Their Own

Keep your house doors and gates closed, especially when you are not with your pet. This ensures that they are not let out on their own. If your pet escapes, not only can it be extremely distressing for you, but they could be in a considerably dangerous position.

Keep A Toy For Your Pet

It is always a good idea to have a toy or some other intriguing object on hand in case you ever need to distract your pet from something. For example, a chew toy for a dog in case he gets angsty and needs a place to release some energy. It is also just nice for a pet to have something to entertain them; after all, everybody needs some fun!

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