Eid Traditions Around The World

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The smell of fresh henna, the sound of rattling churriyans, wearing jhumkay, and getting ready to eat all the meaty treats is Eid in a nutshell for us in Pakistan. For Muslims all over the world, this Eid is about sacrifice, gratitude, and compassion. While the essence of Eid remains the same globally, the customs and traditions associated with this occasion vary across different countries and cultures. From the bustling livestock markets to the communal prayers and the sharing of sacrificial meat, Eid offers a captivating web of diverse traditions, offering a fascinating glimpse into the rich diversity of human expressions of faith. Keep reading to find how Eid-Ul-Adha is celebrated worldwide: 


In Indonesia, Eid is celebrated in a grand way. Indonesians have their unique customs like mudik, where they return to their hometowns for the holidays, often with the help of free transportation provided by the government. Large communal prayers are held in open spaces, followed by devouring delicious traditional treats like Lapis Legit – a cake with a thousand layers, yum! Indonesians also cherish the tradition of Halal Bihalal, seeking forgiveness from family and loved ones.The streets come alive with the festive atmosphere of drumming, firecrackers, and torches on the eve of the celebration. Families gather together, dressed in vibrant cultural clothing. It’s a time of joyful chaos and heartfelt celebrations!


Saudi Arabia 

Eid in Saudi Arabia is filled with festive events and exciting activities. The whole country transforms into a dazzling display of decorations during this time. Families and friends come together to enjoy mouthwatering Eid food. Many local Saudis prefer to celebrate this special holiday in the warmth of their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones. Gift-giving, especially to children, is a cherished aspect of Eid culture, bringing immense happiness to everyone involved. But wait, there’s more! Saudi Arabia has a unique tradition that showcases the spirit of kindness and compassion. The locals anonymously leave abundant quantities of rice and other essential items at the gate of those in need, spreading love and support to the less fortunate. Beyond exchanging gifts, Saudis unite in Eid prayers and generously donate to charitable causes. During Eid-Ul-Adha the spirit of giving, togetherness, and celebration shines brightly throughout this Kingdom.


New Zealand 

Eid in New Zealand is a vibrant and festive occasion celebrated with a touch of Kiwi flair! The day kicks off with morning prayers held in mosques or outdoor venues, setting a spiritual tone for the festivities. After the prayers, the community comes together for joyful gatherings and feasts, where families exchange gifts and indulge in mouthwatering traditional foods. In recent years, public Eid festivals have gained popularity in major cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. These lively festivals showcase cultural performances, delightful food stalls, and exciting activities for children. Auckland, in particular, embraces the spirit of celebration with morning prayers followed by a spectacular event at Eden Park. The festivities at this iconic venue feature thrilling carnival activities like mechanical bulls and human foosball, alongside food vendors offering delectable treats from various regions. These festivities beautifully blend Muslim cultural traditions with the diverse New Zealand community, highlighting the country’s inclusiveness and vibrant multiculturalism.


Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations in Malaysia are like one big open house! It’s a time when everyone is welcomed with open arms into every home, creating a joyful and inclusive atmosphere. No matter your economic status, religion, or caste, you’re invited to join in the fun, feast on delicious meals, and have a great time. Malaysian families take turns hosting guests throughout the day, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to partake in the festivities. Before the big day, there’s a flurry of activity as people travel to their hometowns, decorate their homes with beautiful pelita (oil lamps), and prepare traditional dishes like Ketupat, Kuih Raya, Lemang, and Rendang. These open houses have become a cherished and long-standing tradition in Malaysia and we’d truly love for this to be a part of our culture as well!



One of the highlights of Eid in Pakistan is the delicious and elaborate feasts prepared for family and guests. Traditional Pakistani sweets like Sheer khurma, Kheer, and Gulab Jamun are popular choices. Families gather to enjoy these delectable dishes, along with various savory delicacies. During Eid, people wear new clothes, often traditional outfits like shalwar kameez for men and colorful dresses for women. It is a time for dressing up, looking their best, and expressing joy and festivity through their attire. In addition to these traditions, Pakistanis also engage in social visits, where families and friends visit each other’s homes to exchange well wishes and share meals. It is a time of reconnecting and strengthening social bonds! Charity holds great importance during Eid in Pakistan. One significant act of charity is the distribution of qurbani meat. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: one-third is kept for the family, one-third is shared with friends and relatives, and one-third is distributed among the less fortunate, including the needy, orphans, and widows.

Traditions that Unite the World

Eid traditions around the world exemplify the beauty of cultural diversity and the unity of the global Muslim community. From Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Malaysia to Pakistan, and beyond, the celebration of Eid showcases unique customs while emphasizing the shared values of faith, family, and generosity. The grand communal prayers, the exchange of heartfelt greetings, the feasts that bring loved ones together, and the acts of charity all contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Eid traditions. Whether it is the elaborate thousand-layered cake in Indonesia, the anonymous gifts of rice in Saudi Arabia, or the open house gatherings in Malaysia, each tradition highlights the significance of embracing others, regardless of social or religious differences. These traditions foster an environment of love, respect, and inclusivity, making Eid a truly universal celebration. As we observe the diverse ways in which Eid is honored across the globe, we are reminded of the powerful bond that unites us all as we come together to commemorate this occasion. We hope you too are having a lovely Eid! 

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