Learn Your Rights With easypaisa’s Revolutionary Audio Nikahnama Campaign

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In a groundbreaking move to empower women and promote awareness about the rights which they are entitled to in their Nikahnama, easypaisa has launched an innovative campaign, taking the reins into their own hands with an audio Nikahnama. With the alarming statistic that two-thirds of women in Pakistan struggle to comprehend their Nikahnama due to literacy challenges, easypaisa has taken a significant and much needed step to bridge this gap and ensure that every woman is well-informed about her rights at the time of marriage.

What is An Audio Nikahnama?

The campaign, aptly named #SunnTohSahi, aims to address the issue of women’s limited understanding of their Nikahnama, either due to illiteracy, lack of awareness, or a lack of resources allowing them to easily understand it. According to the Pakistan Commission on the Status of Women, even those who can read often overlook the clauses of Nikahnama, highlighting a pressing need for initiatives that make this crucial document accessible to all.

easypaisa’s Solution

easypaisa has introduced a revolutionary feature – the audio Nikahnama, allowing women to listen to the essential clauses of their Nikahnama in seven different languages. By simply giving a missed call to 0341171222, individuals can access the audio explanation in Urdu, English, Balochi, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi, and Saraiki. The audio Nikahnama is also conveniently available on the easypaisa app, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

Additionally, easypaisa recognizes the needs of those with hearing disabilities and provides a sign language video for a comprehensive understanding of the Nikahnama. This inclusive approach reflects easypaisa’s commitment to ensuring that every individual, regardless of their abilities or language preference, can fully comprehend the significance of the Nikahnama.

Empowering Couples

The newly launched “Nikahnama” feature holds immense value, serving as a tool to educate individuals about the crucial aspects of their Nikkah. With the power to break down language barriers, easypaisa empowers couples to make informed decisions before signing the Nikahnama.

Art, Audio, And the Nikahnama

Colour and art breathe life into a city, and that’s exactly what easypaisa has done. The initiation of a graffiti campaign in three major cities (Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi) sees local walls vividly portray how easypaisa is trying to reach a massive audience for the utmost engagement, and effectively communicating the importance of reading or listening to Nikahnama clauses.

easypaisa’s audio Nikahnama campaign is not just a technological innovation; it’s a social initiative that aims to empower women, promote inclusivity, and ensure that every individual understands the commitments they are making in the sacred institution of marriage. As the campaign unfolds, it is poised to make a lasting impact on society by fostering informed decision-making and breaking down barriers to understanding the Nikahnama. Stay tuned for the main film and witness the transformative power of easypaisa’s groundbreaking campaign.

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